Anything Other than A Boat or Rv Call for Quote

​​Install / Removal 

Outdoor Storage


Access Fee
​​4 Stroke Outboard 

$50 Per Month

​​Interior Service 

$15 Per Foot

With FREE outdoor storage

$100 Per Month

+$5 per foot over 22ft


Includes wash, oxidation remover, wax and polish, bow rails and trailer wash 

* $3.50

​​​Cabin Cruisers 

$125 Full Service

$299 Full Service

Per Trip

* = Per Square Foot


Seadoo Lifts 

Per Motor

Shrink Wrapping

Per section

​​2 Stroke Outboard / Seadoo

Per Trip

​​Carpet Cleaning 
​​Inboard / Outboard 

$250 Flat Rate

Indoor Storage


Fiberglass Hull only. Up to 22ft. 


DOcks & Insatdock Sales

Rate based on boat
May 16th-August 31st



Pontoons and Runabouts 

$12 per foot

11595 Four Seasons Lane, Fife Lake, MI. 49633

(231) 645-2628


​​Sept. 1st-May 15th 

Includes Campers


+$10 per foot over 22ft

​​Bilge Cleaning 

$225 Full Service

​​​Acid Wash 
​​24-30 FT 

Per Motor

​​4 Stroke Seadoo 

Call for appt. and Quote

Inland Lakes

​​InstaDock Sales

$275 In $275 Out


On Bay

Includes Campers

$199 Full Service

Can pick up/deliver, ask for quote

Access Fee 
​​​1-24 FT 

* $4.50

For larger station, added fee



All Seasons Boat & RV Storage

​​Exterior Service 

Includes Campers

$50 In $50 Out

Can pick up/deliver, ask for quote

Condition seats, clean compartments

$17 Per Foot

​​​Shore Stations